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the science of connecting humans to the brands and products that make life better.


About Us

At Trendology, we do the work for you. We find and offer the best brands with the simple thought to make life better. Through our relationships with brand holders and trusted suppliers around the world, we shop and bring the trends to you. Today’s world is complex and human’s lives are cluttered with a deluge of information from our digital world. Trendology simplifies the clutter and brings you the best of products trending now. Our long history of relationships with brands and suppliers gives us the opportunity to capitalize on this and continuously bring you famous brands that make life better.


Our Mission & Promise to You

Trendology brings you a shop with a broad selection of the best brands all in one place.  We can do this because we have built our company over many decades through retail stores, mail order, and online.


You can count on us to sell only first quality, authentic goods.  We do not sell anything else.  You won’t see outlet, seconds, defective, or salvage goods in our offering.  Our valued reputation that we’ve built over the last 30 years depends on it and that is our promise to you.



Our History

We got our start in the early 1980’s in Houston, Texas, selling sporting goods in a leased space within a large, established retail store.  In only a few years we were in 15 locations across the Southern USA.  At that time, the internet and online shopping had not been invented yet but that didn’t stop us from expanding globally through mail-order under the name Sports Express.   We advertised in national magazines drawing the attention of travelers from all over the world.  They were looking for the best brands at better pricing than they could get in their home countries.  We capitalized on this trend and started our wholesale division, The Ford Group, Inc.  We continued to grow our business through all 3 channels:  retail stores, mail-order, and wholesale.  Each channel seeding the human experience based on trends in products that made people feel good or make life better. It was not until years later that we discovered we were Trendologists.  


In the late 1980’s we moved our leased business to our own full-line stores using the same name as our mail-order division.   Sports Express stores were opened in 5 locations in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, TX.   In the late 1990’s with the internet explosion, we jumped on board and developed numerous websites which gave us the ability to increase our customer base and product offering.  Each website offered products in specific categories which gave us experience in many brand categories other than sporting goods.  Over time, we realized that our strongest business had developed through our online and wholesale channels.  We closed our retail locations and shifted our focus to and our corporate sales channels.  


Today, Trendology reflects our nearly 40 years of retail experience in providing the very best brands, products and service to our customers.

Proudly supplying your world with the latest trends, the brands you crave, and the value you deserve.

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